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Starting procedure First time SXF owners 06/07

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See a lot of post popping up from those buying left over SXF's and some new ones too.

Got a lot a positive feed back when I posted this before so I am trying to help again.

Note: I have owned 2 SXF's and the 06 starts harder than the 05 due to clutch drag in gear. Neutral and it starts with one kick. If I leave it in gear, it takes 5 or more. Seat time combined on both bikes exceeds 230hrs in 7 states in conditions from dry 0 degrees to 98 and humid.

I have enjoyed only good things from this bike including starting. Give your SXF 25 hrs to break-in. If it seems lean, you can put the clip in slot 6 and turn the fuel screw out 2 turns to richen.

If you buy the James Dean SXF jet kit, your troubles will soon be over, but until then, try the following.

Starting Cold below 50 degrees = Have it in neutral, pull the choke, pump the gas 3 times and give it a nice round kick. Don't jab it like a two stroke. If it does not start on the first kick give it 4 more. Pump the gas 2 more times and try it again. Never leave your hand on the throttle after you pump it. Rest it on the brake or buster, but do not give it gas while kicking. Never!

Above 50 degrees = same as above but leave the choke off.

WARM you should be able to pull in the clutch and kick it 1 no more than 2 times and it will fire provided you have not touched the gas. It will not tolerate even a slight blip of gas when it’s warm. If you think you touched the gas, just kick it 5 times and it will fire. I have pulled several hole shots starting these bikes in gear with one kick consistently.

HOT, pull in the hot start and kick it twice with those nice round kicks. It should feel like your foot is up near the tank. Keep your hand off the throttle and in 2 kicks it will fire. If it takes more you are somehow blipping the gas. I can not more strongly recommend to find neutral for it starts with only one kick nearly every time. Even when supper super hot.

If you stall the bike when you flop it, most inadvertently twist the throttle just a little. Then you blip the throttle again when you pick it up. It's difficult to form this habit, but you must try to get your hand off the throttle. When you start kicking the bike. Now is the time for the pulling in the hot start and giving those nice big round house kicks from way up by the tank. Keep your hand off the throttle. Hold the bars or hand guard, for most all can not kick without blipping the throttle a little. This is most painful for two stroke experienced guys.

In my attempt to be thorough, do not take this as complicated. I do not event think about it any more and with instruction before they ride it. New riders to my bike never have trouble. I am only really saying to get your hand off the throttle and find neutral with a round house kick.

An update with the 06 SXF is that it NEEDS to be in neutral or it takes 6 kicks when hot. One round house kick in neutral and the bike starts every time.

On the line I warm the bike and slip the clutch repeatedly before the flag drops. When signaled, I shut it off and when the starter waves the green flag, I round house it in gear. For what ever reason the bike has never failed to start on the first kick in gear when warm on the starting line.

If you are bummed with trying to start your 06/07 SXF when hot during a race, please take an hr and practice what your bike needs to fire when hot. Just like practicing a corner or jump, you will need to figure out the best method if you target the hot starting process. Sike yourself up a bit and pretend that you just dropped the bike in a corner and pick it up cracking the throttle wide open. Now try the method above and count the kicks. Under the worse conditions it should never take more than 4 in neutral.

Hot starting:

1. Neutral

2. Hand off the throttle not clamping the front brake

3. Pull the clutch and hot start

4. Slow round house kick, no quick jabbing

5. 1,2,3,4 kicks.

6. Wow I must have given it a good snort of gas, am I really in neutral

7. 5,6 and fire.

I hope this helps some more guys out there

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Yep, get a JD jet kit and a Power Pack from SLP. Works great. Firts kick every time. Kick it slow, not fast. Even when real hot, still fires easy.

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