Steering damper?

Is anyone running a steering stabilizer on there bike for MX racing? I have an 06 YZF I'm looking to put one on. I was thinking about putting on a W.E.R.

I have Scotts damper installed on my WR. Now I can't realize how I lived without it :thumbsup: For sure you can use it on YZ, especially for desert.

I have a Scotts mounted on my 06 YZ 450. I just cut the bar pad that came with the bike out and zipped tied it to the handlebars covering up the stabilizer. There is a huge difference between not having one and having one.

I have the Scotts submounted stabilizer and can recommend it, I mostly ride mx. You just need to cut the bar pad a little to reach the adjusters.


Scott's here,,,,I'll always have one on my bikes :thumbsup:

I ride alot of MX with a GPR Stab. I never ride with out my helmet and I never ride without my Stab.

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