Yamaha Unknown - help!

Anybody with a guess about what kind of Yamaha this is. It is a semi-complete Yamaha thumper. Fairly big single. No paperwork. VIN is 4R9 001654. Similar engine number. I know its pre 81 due to the VIN.

The closest I can come up with is an IT400 but it doesn't have the desert tank look of the 74.

actually the 1981 models vin # started with 4R.....

actually the 1981 models vin # started with 4R.....

The IT's were two strokes. The only big Yamaha off-road thumper that I am aware from the 70's is the TT 500. They made an XT 500 dual sport also I think.

Do a Google 'image' search for TT 500 and it will bring up some pics that you can compare.

From what i came up with it is a 1981 xt500h, correct me if im wrong but that should be correct.

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