WR426/450 gear troubles

I have a 426 and have heard a few stories of riders having to rebuild gearboxes every year after continuing gear failures. A buddy recently blew 3rd, but has not stripped it down as yet. My question is has anyone got a fix if this could be an on going problem. I have heard of a need to chamfer gears a bit?


It will only be an on going problem if you re install gears that are worn. If you put all new gears you will not have an issue. If your buddie only replaces 3rd gear he could very well have problems with the other gears.

I rebuilt the trans on my 426 about 6 months ago and replaced 2nd, 4th and 5th both wheel and pinion gears. The others really looked good so I didn't replace them...... Maybe I should have. Also, replace all the shift forks, it will feel like a new transmission when you are done. Good luck and don't be cheap when replacing gears, it will come back to bite ya.

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