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Drz400s 2004 Break In

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i am new to this site and just getting back into

motorcycles. has been 15 + years.

did a lot of research with the help of my neighbor, who knows his stuff.

I bought a show room quality 2004 DRZ400s. sitting in a guyes garage/looks like it was never rode with 118 miles on it. not a ounce of dust.

I have put 60 miles on it/testing it out and relearning.

I am really happy with it/given all the trails to ride here a johns creek.

Also give me a chance to learn on the road.

I am looking for advise on break in/since it is past the 1st 20miles and I am sure it was not rode that hard/given previous owner hardly rode it an.d said he had hurt himself. I think he probably got scarred after dumping it

The 60 miles I put on it was up to 60mph back country roads/gravel and pavement. I did read the site by motoman.

Is it to late to do this breakin? I plan on changing the oil and filter now using the 10-40 non synthetic oil. any other advise. ?

apparently the prior owner also didn't drain the fuel while it sat over winter/he said he had the carb professional cleaned. I assume he didn't change the jets/said it was all stock. I had to richin the idel mixture screw 3 1/2 turns to keep it from getting to hot and cutting out while at idel for a while at the light (aprox 5min light). seams to run fine now. I assume the engine is still breaking in and it was running to lean. is this normal to have to run it so rich at 1st. ?? I have heard it is a common thing for these dirt bikes to over heat if sitting at idol on a warm day with no wind flowing over the radiator. Which makes it hard to re-start them.

this bike doesn't come with the fast start trigger.

well I know this is long/but I am very excited and whant to learn as much as I can/and do it right from the beginning to get many years out of this bike.



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congratulations on the new purchase. welcome to the club. take the break in nice and lovingly. change the oil and the filters. yes 2. and hide you credit cards.

Where did you find another filter to change?

There is an oilscreen you can clean once in a life time, or after every major motor rebuild... BUt nothing to replace :thumbsup:

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