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Still little prolem after installed JD Kit in CRF450X

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I have installed JD kit: red needle (#4), 170 main, small O-ring, open air-box (left-right-and top), eliminated exhaust baffle and put TwinAir Power Flow kit, pink wire mod.

The bike ride very well from 1/4 to WOT, more power, i can go with upper gear. I have remained only a problem in initial throttle, the bike is like "on-off" is very brutal. In wich way can i solve this problem:

-Pilot jet??

-Put a smaller leak jet (i have also the JD leak jet kit, the stock one is 70, the JD's jets it's all smaller??)??

-JD Surge kit??

-Power-now kit??

-Boyesen AP kit??

-An aftermarket exhaust??


Please help me

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