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Suspension Questions

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Couple of Questions.

I own a 2002 WR 250 F

My understanding of the stock spring rates are:

Stock Spring Rates:

Fork: 0.43 kg/mm

Shock: 4.9 kg/mm

I am about to purchased a good set of stock springs from a 2002 YZ 426 F because they are slightly heavier than my stock springs.

Fork: 0.45 kg/mm

Shock: 5.0 kg/mm

1. I understand that they should fit, is this true to anyones knowledge?

Excuse my rookiness

2. When installing the fork springs is it as simple as removing the fork top cap from the damper rod and sliding the spring off then on again?

3. Do I need any specialized tools to remove the rear spring? I know on mountain bikes you can spin them with your hand until they are loose enough.


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I can't be certain, but I'm pretty sure the springs will fit.

Changing fork springs is like you said, but you may want to put fresh oil in while you're at it. Also, before you start, make sure you back the damper adjustment screw all the way out to prevent damage to the damper rod. You may want to refer to the manual if you've never done it before.

The rear spring is easier than the forks, no special tools required. Loosen the lock ring, twist the spring and the pre-load ring will usually follow. :thumbsup:

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