Stripped Bolt Need Help!


I was changing the oil on my 450 and accidentally overtightened the right side lower crankcase drain bolt. In doing so I stripped a fair, 1/4'', amount of threads off of the inside (not the bolt). My question is; will I be ok with just putting on a new bolt, the flange on the current one is crooked, or should I get it re-tapped? The bolt is out of the bike and any help would be greatly appreciated.


You may get lucky and be able to use a longer bolt if not it will need to be fixed. Maybe a helicoil would do the job for you,I would be very careful with this as it is a oil drain!

Thanks for the help.

The best fix would be a timesert which comes in a kit for the size you require, it will be permanent and will not strip out again, if you google timesert you should come up with their website and you can order direct. Mike

Either of those will work fine alex. It is pretty scary to drill into a piece of magnesium, especially when you are dealing with oil but it is a really easy process to do. Take your time and you will be pleasantly suprised how easy it is to fix! good luck

"Lower right side" sounds like an '06. If so, I'd like to know:

What does magnesium have to do with it? (the crankcase is aluminum), and,

How do you propose to drill or tap into that hole? (the rear of the engine has to be raised far enough to get the drain hole out from behind the frame)

Yes it is an 06, and because of how cramped it is I am going to take out the engine.

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