Does the Tire bolt patten off a Dodge fit a Chevy???

Someone has some wheels(rims and tires)off a Dodge 2001 2500 4x4 for sale and he said it would fit my 2002 Chevy 2500HD 4x4.

So is the bolt patten the same on those 2 trucks???

i think ford wheels will fit but not dodge. i had a set of dodge steel wheels given to me that i was gonna use for snow tires on my chevy van but they would not fit. are they super cheap ?? if so it may be worth a try but do you really want a ram head on your center cap if you drive a chevy. look on ebay for a set of newer style chevy wheels like these ... ebay item #180018665038 i think they would look much better on your truck

coolbikeguy...yea, those are the same rims on my truck now, but I'm getting close to needing some rubber and thought.....I could get some tires/rims cheaper than New ones on ebay.The thing is....I what to pick them up and Not ship them.So I just did a local search for rims/tires/wheels.Here they are:

ebay rims/tires

My memory says the Dodge rims do have the same bolt pattern as the GM but the rims are not "hub centric". GM rims have a very close tollerance where they go over the hub, and Dodge rims have a larger center hole. To be sure go to and do a quick search.


Thanks coktm! I'll take a look!

ford and dodge wheels are interchangeable, but chevy is not. ford and dodge have sae threads and chevy have metric, so the spacing is a little different. also the hub size is different.

I guess measuring it would be to easy to find out for sure? :thumbsup:

No, Ford and Dodge share, but the "General" doesnt.

I have not done it my self but according to threads on plenty of Duramax owners are running 8 lug Dodge rims with no problems. They also indicate pre 99 Ford 8 lug rims are also the same. Check it out for yourself.


Many of you have said that Ford and Dodge share the same bolt pattern and GM is different but I think that is incorrect. From what I have read recently the Ford 8 lug Super Duty uses a metric bolt pattern while GM and Dodge use the more conventional 8 lug pattern, although I can't remember the the actual measurements of the circle. I did read an article about how the Dodge guys are buying Hummer H2 "take off" wheels and tires because they bolt pattern is the same and they come with 315 BFG's. It was however, necessary to slightly machine the center of the rim to fit the Dodge. This goes along with a few other posts that mention GM hub centric wheels. Hope this helps.

those wheels would slick on your 02 chevy :thumbsup: maybe do a search for eagle alloy wheels and see if you can find their site. maybe there will be some info there that will help you. good luck

Thanks everybody for your in-puts!! :thumbsup:

Do not ever put anything Dodge on a Chevy!!!

It will tear a major hole in the time-space continuum, sucking us all into the pitch-black nether-abyss!!!!

And do you really want the weight of that responsibilty on your shoulders???

That's better. Now, finish your Froot-Loops. :thumbsup:

ford and dodge wheels are interchangeable, but chevy is not. ford and dodge have sae threads and chevy have metric, so the spacing is a little different. also the hub size is different.

Maybe on the 1/2 ton trucks. On the 3/4 ton the Dodge and Chevy have the same lug pattern - 8 x 6 1/2" (8 lugs on a 6 1/2 inch diameter). The 99 and up Fords 3/4 tons have a 8x170mm pattern.

The other thing to think about is your brakes. I took a set of American Racing 16x9 rims off my 95 Dodge 2500 and tried to put them on my 2003 Dodge 2500 and the wouldn't fit over the calipers because the brake rotors were larger on the 2003. As long as the rims you're thinking about getting are the same diameter as what you have now they "should" fit. No way to know for sure without trying them.

When i bought my 87 3/4 ton chev i was told that it had dodge wheels. I dont know what year of dodge they were off of but from what i've been and chev 3/4t will interchange.

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