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Liability waiver help please!

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A guy I know has a nice little track on his property that his kids ride their dirtbikes on. I stopped by there with my son and his CRF50. We are planning to go back this evening so my son can do some riding with his kids and some neighbors too. He mentioned that he wishes he had a waiver form for people to sign. I told him I'd surf around the net today and try to come up with one for him (just trying to help out since he's providing the track!!). I'm having a hard time locating something though....can somebody help me please? Mucho Thankyou!!!

If possible, please e-mail it to me at ericmonsma@yahoo.com. I'd be happy to re-type it to match this specific need, I just need an example of something to follow. Thanks, I really appreciate your help!!!

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