check out the new gear i just bought


i like thinking about getting the new core stuff

is that '07 gear? i am thinking about getting the '07 thor core gear...when they start selling it.

i bought it online last night and it should be coming in by the end of the week. yeah it is the 07 stuff i seen it on ebay and got it for $120 but i think that the person said they would go as low as $114 or something.....i got a email after i already bought it....go figure

here is the link to the ebay store they have alot of different color and size options and a few other the jersey/pant on the side

Everyone has blue gear... BORING. For 07 I really like the bright orange No Fear stuff.

That's the '07 Phase gear, I'm thinking about getting the same thing.

One word come to mind . . . Smurf

Nice gear I like it.

Everyone has blue gear... BORING. For 07 I really like the bright orange No Fear stuff.

Well i don't think its boring because i like the way blue gear looks on a Suzuki.....if i had a choice though i would get the brown no fear gear that millsaps wore when he rode Suzuki's

it's just gear.

I just got the wonka '07 ac vented gear :thumbsup: . I get to try it out this weekend. The '06 black/red core gear has been pretty rough on the 90+ deg. weekends.

it's just gear.

well some people aren't fortunate enough to get brand new gear every year but i was this year and it was my first set of brand new up to date gear

(i would usually buy the last years gear) so i figured i would show it off :thumbsup:

for christmas i wanna get the 07 shift stuff... i never liked shift but i like the way the new shift strike gear looks in the white green and black

i love the bright gear i just dont like that dark blue and i got my new no fear gear up a posted in the thread new gear :ride::thumbsup:

I really like my NoFear gear.


I want the Thor Core Celtic stuff, the white and green looks Siiiick

Im sorry dude i like the red and black 06 core gear.

Now that`s good looking.

The 07 celtic looks rad too but im not into white that much.

Everyone has blue gear... BORING. For 07 I really like the bright orange No Fear stuff.

It's a huge plus if your a hunter.. You can go moose hunting with your bright orange no fear gear too!

I run the Red/Yellow/Black/Silver No Fear stuff.. Pretty plain designs, but I like it more than ANY gear that was EVER out there. I bought three sets of the same color, but in bigger sizes, because I LOVE it..

I like the NoFear gear for quite a few reasons.

1. it is made very well, I got a brand new fox jersey and it's all ripped up from just snagging on trees, nothing like that has happened to this gear and I've crashed pretty hard with it.

2. it fits very well, pants are waterproof and it's comfortable.

3. looks sweet with the colours and skulls.

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