oops.....I LOVE SNOW!!!!!!!!winter ride testimonial

My first ride on my first wr, an 01 426, in the snow in NH. I could not believe it! It was absolutley incredible. Studded tires worked quite well and NO studs ripped out. (took me 1 hr to stud every knobby) It took me about 20 miles to figure out how to ride the wr and the snow, but after that...OH MY GOD!!!!! The double wide groomed and packed traild were awsome! Big sweepers in 4th gear, on the throtle around mid range with the ass sliding out to the side, down to 3rd for some switch backs and thats how the groove started. The single track was bumpy tight and twisty......and fast. The more bumps the better the bike rides. You can ride the single track as hard as you want.

65 miles, 5 hrs(stopped a lot, break in) all in the dark. Snow at night, very bright.

I crashed abuot 7 or 8 times, not a scratch on myself or the bike. Love that soft white stuff. I was able to start the bike without the kickstand down and am no longer concerned about lowering the bike. I love that thing!

Tripm Get ready!!!

If you have good hard packed snow trails, stud up and ride them. It cost me under $30 for studs. Riding year round. Whoo Wa!!

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I gotta try this. Is it more fun then a sled?(snowmobile not the plastic kind)


it takes more skill than a sled.


On the twisty bumpy single track, If it is good and hard, i think it's faster than a sled.

The conditions must be right. The trails must be used enough so that the trail is packed hard. Some trails look used, but are still soft. These trails are brutal to ride on. In 3 miles you will have had enough. Ya got to know your snow. Thats why some people say it suck and some say it's awsome.

Originally posted by mike68:

If you have good hard packed snow trails, stud up and ride them. B]

And if you're lucky you get to show off to car drivers!

If you got any frozen lakes, go ride on the ice! That's cool too. But make sure that the ice is stronge enough...


65 miles? ... on snow?... in early January?... in the dark!!?

Very cool!!... I've done a lot of riding on snowmobiles at night, in fact I prefer it.

But I've never ridden a dirtbike at night... ever... much less in winter.

Did you use Koldkutters?

And how old are you Mike?

(usually its the younger guys who try 'different' stuff)


You ARE an animal (and that IS NOT just from "the other night"!!)!!. :)

Ande, we have lakes that are safe but have too much snow cover. I will be ready for early season next year.


I don't actually prefer to ride at night during the summer, but during the winter it is the nuts. I am starting a ride this saturday at 5am. This will give me some night riding a sunrise and some day riding. I am hoping to be done before all the. It can get busy on a Saturday afternoon. snowmobiles come out. The trail system has been opened to wheeled ohrv for the first time this Year. It goes from southern NH to Canada. I dont get cold. As a matter of fact, I stop quite often and take breaks. No wind chill in the woods. I dress in layers using fleece and somethin windproof. I wear a light pair of fleece gloves. My feet stay warm as well. It is a lot mor work on the body than sledding so you keep warm

I will be 33 in april. I bought a TTR250 in september and out grew it quickly. last night was my first winter ride dirt bike and my first ride on my WR. (post throttle stop and air box). I will be doing the air box tonight as well as the throttle stop.

I LOVE the WR and cant wait until tomorrow.

Feel free to come to nh and join me. You can stay and eat for free.

I am getting way to excited, double posted, sorry

Kevin, you're scaring me!

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I don't like you riding on those trails. So I am going to get rid of Norton, no not the Snorten Norton, the lady Dubbu is trying to get appointed to the EPA.

I know I won!

I'd ride them anyways you unregistered freak.

I'd even travel cross country just to run your ass over.

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