Location for carrying tyre levers on the WR


In order to carry tyre levers, I previously attached them to the front downtube of the frame of my XR… this is not possible on the WR… so..

Does anyone have a convenient location/method for the attachment to tyre levers on the WR, so that they don't have to be carried in a backpack?



I use a Moose Racing fender bag to carry a front tube and my tire irons when going on extended trail rides. You probably already know this but I carry just a front tube since in an emergency you can use it in either the front or the rear to get you out of the woods.


Good call Willy....Moose fender bag with 3 short irons and a 21" tube. Hand pump(bicycle) for inexhaustible air supply. :)

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I also use this same setup. I carry a front tube, patch kit, three 6” tire irons, a couple of rags wrapped around a tire gauge, four CO2 bottles and some zip ties. I was little skeptical at first about the bag staying attached to the front fender, but I have never had a problem with it coming loose. I had a fairly big get-off at this year’s LA-B2V when I hit a large boulder hiding behind a bush at 40+ mph. It launched me over the bars, the bike cart-wheeled and bounced off the front end pretty heavily. The impact shredded the fender forward of where the moose bag was attached. I was amazed the bag was still in place. I’ll try posting a picture of the damage when I get the film developed.

I don't bother with the spares on the WR, I just go fast enough to go over every thing (ha ha)

But my TT350 has a 8" pair of levers attached to the rear fender,above the muffler, with some wing nuts. (drilled 2 holes in them)

I think the WR may get a pair of mousse foam inserts next year!

I might add Moose makes several fender bags--one is the Dual Sport which is much larger than the normal fender pack. There's another one that is IMHO too large which bolts to the fender.

I don't carry tire changing stuff with me, but the dual sport bag is big enough for a small toolkit, powerbars, smokes, keys, tubes,irons etc.

Garry, I also use a Moose fender bag as well. But I dont care to weigh the bike down even more with putting the irons on the bike. I prefer to carry 2 tire irons in my fanny pack and I place them flat against my back. I couldnt imagine riding my bike without a fanny pack. Also, the fanny pack with all my tools rests on the seat when I ride sitting down so it's not like your putting alot of stress on your back during the whole ride.

I run the Bridgestone "Extra" heavy duty tubes with Slime in them, Yes they do weigh the bike down, but I would do almost anything not to change a tube out during a race or ride, after hundreds of miles I havnt gotten any flats yet. You should look into that. It will give you peace of mind too.

Good Luck!!!!

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