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Ankle Update

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I went for my visit yesterday, and was told I no longer needed to wear my boot, and I may resume riding when comfortable enough to. Upon my visit, I asked my ortho, who worked on Jeremy Mcgrath at the x-games in Philly years back, along with other riders. He told me that knee braces are beneficial to some knee injuries, but useless to others. When asked about femur breakage, he said to me if the blow or hit is hard enough to break a femur, imagine what it could do to you knee, and or femur without one. He also stated that today, a femur break is much more preferable than to have a knee go, because bones heal. He also told me thats a severe knee blow, is also fatal, if you knock out a certain artery that runs throught it. ALso stated that certain knee damage will never allow you to walk correcty. Again, I am not quoting him word for word, and I am no medical expert, however from what he told me and the way he made it sound, braces are a no brainer. What am I missing here>

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