who has the tallest gearing

ok guys-i'm ran 16/38 gearing at Jennings a few weeks ago-seemed liek it was geared great for my bike(680cc-12:1 compr.--stage 2 hotcam-some head work- running full VP U4 fuel-FMF full titanium-K&N-Dyno tuned by hfdi1motorsports

anyways-bike is freakin awesome!! runs about 122-124mph(No rad.shrouds-full tuck) i'm keepin up/beating ducati 750SS's no problem btw

my main question is will a 17CSS fit-16 fits no problem although i've never tried usuing the case guard-i'm using a DID X-ring chain btw

last tiem i ran Road Atlanta i used same gearing as i did at jennings but my bike wasn't buitl as much-now with more power i'm afraid it will pull all the way to redline or at least close-i dont want to hold it at say 7800rpm for 20 seconds going 120mph on the back stright-i'd rather be at 6500 so my engien does not give way again


oh yeah-who makes a magnetic drain plug for the frame? i have one for the crank case

and another thign iw as gonna say is the 38 on the back is small enough wear the chain rubs the rubplate/swingarm pretty good-so i dotn wnat to go smaller on the back-plus they ain't cheap to get made

bump-will a 17 CCS fit?

heres a pic of mynew 5 inch rim


Where did you get that gearing?

Where did you get that gearing?

sprocket specialties

not in cataloge though-you have to call and order

sprocket specialties

not in cataloge though-you have to call and order

wow, I thought my XR600R with SM wheels and tyres at 14-42 was high! I think I will try a 15 up front, but with my XRs only casegaurd it wont work, hafta get the one for a 15t counter...shit!

14/39 on 19s front and rear for my lil' streetfighter...

Works just fine!


five inch rear is to much rim and tire. i wish i would have gotten a 4.5. i just dont like all of the clearances being so tight in there. need a little room for adjustments

FYI VP U4 is only 94 octane....not sure if thats enough points for your motor....i'm sure you have it all figured out.

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