6oz. or 10oz. Flywheel Weight ? Revisited.

I haven't really had a good chance to ride my bike much to see what kind of flywheel weight change would suit me best. I was curious about the application of each and what most people recommend as far as buying a complete flywheel or do it yourself kit (bolt on or weld on)? Likes and dislikes?

Thanks for your time. By the way. I ride a 98 YZ400F.


I put the 8 oz Dr. D flywheel on my 04 and love it. I sent the old back to them for the core credit so it only ended up costing $110 for the flywheel and a flywheel puller. Worth every penny. For the money it is a great mod. Bike seems to hook up better, less stalling and less tiring to ride.

An 8 oz on an '04? Seems to me like that would tame it a bit too much. To answer your question voodoochild, I would suggest you just ride your bike a lot more to decide if you really need one. I have an '03 YZ450F and everybody says that it is the hardest hitting big bore mxer you can buy. I thought it hit pretty hard but once I put my Dr.D full system on it tamed it just enough. Now it still barks but it is definately smoother.

I guess what I am trying to say is maybe a pipe will fix your problem. Yes, it will be more expensive but it will also give you a little more power and you can choose which kind of powerband you want.

I have a 16oz Stealthy bolt-on on my '04.

I was concerned it would tame it down too much, but I was wrong.

Can't really tell that much difference, but now as the other guys have said, my bike dosen't tire me out nearly as much as it used to, but the best thing about the flywheel is that the way it hooks up is night and day. Way better than stock in my opinion.

I got it used for $10, so I wasn't overly worried about the weight for a $10 experiment.


I just put a 9oz MSR (SFB), bolt on, one on my '03. Comes with slightly bigger ignition cover. Bike is much easier to ride now. Still fast but doesn't tire you out. I highly recommend one.

If you want it to hook up great and forget about having arm pump from a stiff clutch, buy a rekluse auto clutch. I took my 8oz flyweight off after installing mine. I think it has some flywheel weight characteristics. If you ride mx alot I would get the over ride clutch they sell also to help control the wheel spin while in the air.

The general consensus seems to be flywheel wts are a good thing. I have an 01 YZ426 used on trails anybody have any thoughts?

i have a 12oz with a rekluse on my 2000 426 hooks up real well but i think it take 12 pounds to really calm it down.

I think I understand the 12 lb comment, I shall try the 12oz before the rekluse

I'm not sure I'd go with a 12oz. Unless you ride strictly tight trails. It will take away all "snap" whatsoever, I think.

I'm not sure I'd go with a 12oz. Unless you ride strictly tight trails. It will take away all "snap" whatsoever, I think.

Au contraire Mon Freir...at least in my experience.

The 16 oz Stealthy bolt-on along with the Rekluse on my '04 450 didn't even seem to tame it down even half a notch, and I'm not quite sure if a notch is a universal unit of measurement, but I can't tell much of a difference whatsoever.

I could loop it out in any of the 4 forward speeds on my bike, but now with the Rekluse and heavier flywheel, instead of wheel spin when I gas it, now it just goes.

Guess the heavier rotating mass turns the power from an on/off light switch to a really quick dimmer switch now.

Whatever weight you choose, you'll notice the improvement on the track or in the woods, and Dirty likes the woods best.


the snap turns into traction in some situations it is hader to hang on because it just hooks up, tires seem to last longer and you wont believe where you can go on wore out tire.

16oz stealthy weight on a '03 450 f, this really made the bike alot more controllable in the woods

16oz stealthy weight on a '03 450 f, this really made the bike alot more controllable in the woods


Great Minds think alike.

Welcome to TT!


A flywheel, like my GYTR offroad weight, does not change the bike, it just adds smoothness and traction.

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