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Clutch issues

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I recently sent my cr250 for general service to the dealer.

They replaced a broken clutch lever with a cr125 lever. They told me that it wouldn`t matter much.

They struggled a bit to get the clutch cable fitting and feeling okay; It ended up feeling a little bit hard to pull.

They opened up the clutch and checked both the discs and the friction discs. (I`m sorry but i don't know the correct English term)

They said that the discs were very worn out but that the friction plates had almost 1/2 their life left and that those were the ones that mattered the most. That the worn discs would only make them last less.

I ordered a clutch kit anyway, because I`m in Mexico and there`s nothing in stock, and it will take 2-3 weeks to get here.

The guy cleaned the discs and the fricton discs with a solution so that they would work better.

The bike felt great the next day after the service.

Unfortunately the bike took a big hit. I over jumped a double and bailed out mid air so the bike took a pounding.

I looked at the bike and there were no signs of damaged stuff just a slightly broken rear fender.

The bike started and all but every ride after that the bike felt strange. We taught it was the jetting so the dealer re jetted it.

I took it out on the weekend and the had a slight problem with the clutch not fully disengaging. But today the bike didn't work at all.

It starts all right but when you put in first and you drop the clutch it doesn't get going it justs moves a little bit, if you shift up you hear the clicks but the bike doesn't move.

It feels like a burned out clutch. I asked the dealer and he told me he didn't think that might be it because the mechanic told him it was still okay; his tought was that it might be the clutch cable. They cant check it right now because the mech is on vacations and wont come back in three weeks. I opened the cable cover up and i tried loosing the cable a bit and it feels the same so I guess it ain`t the cable/lever.

My questions are:

A) If it is a worn out clutch why did the dealer tell me it had half life and it got worn out in 4 rides?

:thumbsup: Could something from the clutch have got damaged or loose from the hit the bike took?

c) Does it sound like a transmission problem? The oil is new they changed it when they serviced the bike. I hear the gears clicking when i hit the shifter and it finds neutral all right. So i don`t think that it is.

D) Is it the mech fault? Could the solution the mech used wear out the clutch parts? Maybe the cable lever ratio was too tight and propitiated extra wear?

I don't know much since I`m quite new at this. I appreciate any thoughts on this.


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id check or replace the transmission oil. if that doesnt help id put the new clutch kit in. if that doesnt help then take it to the dealer and troubleshoot it.

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