Broken Front Brake

I just got back from 4 days of riding west Texas where I got a little hot into a downhill right hander. I tried using the dirt banking as a berm but the sand was really soft and I ended up hitting a basketball size rock just buried in the dirt. Needless to say, after sky-ground sky-ground sky and picking the cactus thorns out of my hands and legs I took inventory on the bike. Bent front rim, bent bash plate (saved the cases!!) and a broken carrier bracket for the brake caliper.

I was looking at parts breakdown and can't find a part number. Do I need to get the entire caliper? The caliper is is good shape.

I had the front caliper bracket break in moab a few years back when the caliper hit a rock and I took it over to a local lawn mower repair guy and he rewelded and retapped the hole in the bracket. It is still that way today over 2 years ago since the repair. Yamaha will not sell the bracket alone. You have to buy a complete caliper!

If your's broke at the bottom hole, that's where mine broke about half way across the hole. I wasn't sure you could weld this piece, but if you did yours, I'm all up for welding mine.

Thanks for the info Indy!!

Exact same place the crack went across the one side of the bottom tapped hole. It is fixable with welding. Make sure they preheat the aluminum prior to welding and then grind the face flat and retap the hole so it cuts into the welded repair area! :thumbsup:

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