chattering chain/cupped sprockets

Greetings, I own a 1995 Honda XR600. The previous owner installed the HRC cam, and I don't like it. The power band is really short, and throttle response is not real smooth. The engine revs up real quick. In addition, if I'm not in the sweet spot of the gear in question, I get a stuttering/chattering of the chain, almost as though it's bogging down. Either I'm in a lower gear and revving like crazy, or I'm chattering and stuttering in the next higher gear.

The sprockets are taking a beating and becoming quite cupped (which probably is contributing to this effect). Is it the cam that's causing this or do you think the clutch is to blame for some reason? I'm tempted to put the stock cam back in for smoothness throughout the power curve...

Help is appreciated!undefined

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