WR400 Hotcams shimming issues!

I just checked the clearances with my new cams (hotcams) installed, and am getting some seemingly bad numbers.

New shim sizes come out as follows:

Ex: .275mm, .345mm

In: .229mm, .202mm, .204mm

Here's the data I'm using:

EX (hotcams clearance spec = .20mm):

Clearance: .305mm, .381mm

Current Shim: 170, 165

IN (hotcams clearance spec = .15mm):

Clearance: .203mm, .178mm, .178mm

Current Shim: 176, 174, 176

I guess the only one that looks REALLY bad is the Right Exhaust valve, at .345mm...can I even get a shim in that size? Is my math wrong? Are the cam journals fried?

I'd appreciate any help here, as I want to go to the dealer and get my shims!


- JJ

yes u can

my hotcams shimkit goes up to .350

looking at it again, I think I calculated them wrong.

Using this chart for an 03 wr450f, I get results that are seemingly more reasonable:

EX: 175, 180

IN: 180, 180,180


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