what's up fellow wr riders...

how ya doing? i thought i'd say hello and intro. myself. you guys and gals have a great forum here with lots of awesome info. i just rescently bought an 06' wr450 and am getting back into riding again and teaching my son just as my dad did when i was 11. my things have changed in the years since my last bike. i had a 89' yz250. my first bike was a 79' tt125. it had a metal tank and dual rear shocks. and i lived on that thing after school. next was a 84' yz125 and that was a gas. there were 6 of us that ruled the neighborhood and we somehow seemed to elude the local cops. :thumbsup: anyway keep the info. comming and i'll chime in where i can. ride on...

Welcome. Your gonna enjoy that WR. Have fun with your son, thats what its all about.

i hope you did the mods to it, its a whole different beast.

John in Vegas

i've been reading up on the mods and will perform them soon. i need to get use to the bike and get my dirt legs back again, then i'll go for it. what's up with the stock suspension? feels like i'm riding a marshmellow. i weight 210 and i'm thinking i need a little stiffer spring. i've found a pretty cool place to ride out by lake pleasant and it has quad trails and single track and trying to flip that bike through tight turns is pretty tough with the stock setup. kinda like pushing a vw. it never seems to unload out of the corners. how much can i crank the rear spring down to increase the spring pressure? it is sitting in the middle of the adjustment threads now, and i still need to do something with the front. what options are open to me concerning suspension mods? like alot of you i'm a family guy on a budget. i don't have an extra 5 grand to drop on elka or enzo. but if there is machining work involved that's right up my alley. thanks again for all the help. nut

Welcome aboard. There's plenty of adjustment with the stock suspension. Really no need to spend major bucks, unless you're gonna do the competition route. Try the forums on suspension here in TT. Lotsa good info there!

I'm I big guy (260 lbs), and other than setting the sag, pretty much left the rest alone. For the technical single track stuff, twisty, and root infested, that we have here in our area, I move the forks up just a little in the tripple crown. Makes for a bit better/quicker turning. Doing away with the AIS, using the GYTR kit made a world of difference on my 06. I thought I was satisfied with the stock bike, but the extra power attained has saved my butt on several ocassions out in the woods. I too was raised on two stroke 250's. The free mods done, definately brought back that old "on the pipe" power I was so badly missing with the four stroke.

So, hang out with us, learn, share, and enjoy!

Hippie>>>>sends :thumbsup:

"how much can i crank the rear spring down to increase the spring pressure?"

I'm 6' 200. I just adjusted all the suspension to factory settings and turned the rear spring down just enough to set the sag and the bike rides nice for the trail ridding I do. :thumbsup:

thanks for the tips, i'll give the fork mod a try and see how i like it. then i'll set the sag and go from there. we just had some hellashish rain storms move through today and the desert is gonna be ripe for rippin'. come on sunday...

Hey nut,

Like you, I have just gotten back into riding after a 15 year absence. Also, like you, I am teaching my 10 yr old son how to ride. I own a machine shop in Oregon, what is your machining background? Our stories sound very much alike!

hello moriboy, i take it you own mori seiki machines by your board name. i'm an aerospace guy down here in the desert. in the next few years the plan is to move up to your neck of the woods and get out of this heat, i envie you. i've been at it for 15 years now and still learning. horiz. mills are my specialty and i have instituted 3 high production machining cells at my currant place of employment. these are fms type systems, 4 machines 22 pallets with a rail guided vehicle to move the pallets around. all controlled via pc. send me a pm and we can talk machining if you like. :thumbsup:

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