Route needed?

Do any So-Cal TTers know of a route from Hesperia to Barstow? The more trails the better! I don't want to go dirt roading.

Apple Valley Rd. all the way to the north end. You can stay on the east side of the freeway all the way there. You'll come out at the outlet mall in Lynwood. Or you can cross over the freeway on the train bridge north of the Stoddard Wells/Bell Mountain exit.

We used to ride from Dale Evans Pkwy (the old Boulder Rd.) on the west side of the freeway and get there that way too.

Beware though, the rangers have been hanging around up that way and citing. If I remember correctly, you are dual sported so that should not be an issue for you.

Have fun, Ernie


The best way is on the west side of 15, lots of trails, avoids most of the whooped out stuff on the east side. As Ernie stated, Apple Valley Road is a good access route to these trails.As you know, I live right off A.V. Road and that's the way i always go when i ride to Hinkley,Rainbow basin, or Ft. Irwin, as opposed to the route i took you from Sidewinder Road. For any real long rides, you know that some roads have to be used.


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