Anybody out there got an OEM slip on for 05 WR???

So I ride everyday and usually stretch out the throttle cable in the mornings to get to work on time for about 7 miles down I-10. :ride: I started getting a hiccup and found out that my can came apart at the pipe connection.:applause: The freakin rivet holes melted away, started leaking, then started melting away my rear plate and fender and would've probly got my airbox if I didn't find out when I did. And now, I am looking for an OEM slip on for my '05. If anyone has one that they wanna unload...holler. I am broke down for now.:thumbsup:

I have been looking at the E2 and I like the looks but dang...My bike is runnin so strong since I modded the carb and all...I hate to change things up again.


PM sent.

Mate go with the E2 they rip, apart from the rubbing which I will fix with some spacers. They sound awesome and you can adjust the endcaps to be quiet or loud. I have the quiet insert in at the moment with the spark arrestor removed and damn it sounds sweet.

Alright guys I know somebody out there is holding.....C'mon you really don't need that ole can...let me get it :thumbsup:

I've got an 05 WR250 pipe. Will it fit? It has 100mi on it so should still be quiet.

Ok found one....thanks Dave.... :thumbsup:

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