650R and fuel petcocks

Just bought a used 2000 650r and need to replace thhe fuel valve....question though, seeing as how they appear to be about $46, do the aftermarket tanks (like clarke and IMS) come with petcocks? Sure would make a new tank cheaper...


Nope, have to use the stock petcock with the Clarke and IMS tanks.

Thanks for the rapid reply!!

Got some figurin' to do.....

I looked around for a second petcock once. Went to a couple shops, searched around with Google some, etc....ended up just buying another OEM petcock.

Yep, I'm afraid I'm going to have to follow suit. Question, though, I wonder if another bike's petcock would fit. I know the one for my YZ was like $12.....interesting. Anyone experimented with another bike's valve?

The Clarke house brand petcock will fit the stock XRR tank. Low cost and very good quality. Comes in a straght down or 90 deg. angle version.

Pingel makes some interesting fuel valves. here

and also here

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