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Vinco Motard KLX Prototype

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Just wanted to show you guys a new KLX prototype we have been working on. The bike with the pictured setup is a prototype and was built for Chase Perry out of Virginia. On this bike are some Motard 50's billet wheels built for Kenny out in Michigan. We are toying with the idea of a true street legal KLX with true Ducati styling on the lights and of course the billet wheels. This is just the beginning.

The bike features::

Showa front end kit w/6 piston calipers

Stratos El Jefe Shock w/adjustable rebound and compression

Vinco Rear end kit w/chome swingarm and 4 piston Grimeca calipers

Porsche Titanium gray frame w/Monster Energy graphics

143 cc Kitaco Superhead kit w/kitaco cam

26mm TB carb and intake kit

polished cases

Hydraulic clutch kit w/4 speed transmission

Universal Solex bars w/Scott Kawi green grips

CHP shifter

Dr. D Exhaust

Michelin Starcross tires w/Spokesavers and aluminum wheel and hub

oversize pegs

We will be using the bike as the basis for some upcoming ads and such and once again with the billet wheels this is just a prototype for now. We are working out details and will keep all of you posted.







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As a fellow mini motard racer, that is awesome. I like the look of the wheels, very good job on mimicing the marchensi pattern in the right proportion to the bike. I think I would have had them anodized black for a little more pop, but I have a soft spot for black wheels (see my motard post in this forum for some pics).

If you were to build this as a production unit, what would you estimate the cost to be?

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