Need Stock XR 600R OEM red tank

Anyone have a 2000 XR 600R OEM red gas tank in good condition for sale or trade???

I thought you allready found one?! I still have my stock white one, but sold the 5 gallon Acerbis. Getting my Black Clarke today for the SM so the stocker is comming back off. Good luck, and I'd also try over on

I thought I had one Sniper but it didn't happen. I really want a red oem 00 XR 600r tank. It looks like I will have to give Service Honda $230 for one shipped to me unless someone else has one?

You know also that Clarke makes a stock replica for it in red for $170.00

Yeah but the Clarkes don't fit nearly as well as OEM does at least the ones I have used from Clarke didn't.

Horrible fit for the Clarke OEM.

thats True

Dude, I've got a 2000 XR600R, red tank, It isn't flawless, but looks good. No decals. If you can find a good big ole desert tank (used & white) I'll swap ya. OR send ya a few extra t ocover $$$

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