Neoprene Washer on Drain Bolt (650L)

Has anyone used a neoprene washer on the side oil drain bolt? I just put a new metal washer on because it was dripping very slow from the side drain bolt. After the new washer it is still dripping. Just wondering if anyone uses the blue neoprene washers?

I figured at least one smartass would put something!

my bike only has 120 miles on it, i havent even changed the oil yet... so havent experienced any leaking problem yet.

No leak on mine,and I have switched it over to amagnetic one. The drain for the oil res. leaks alittle.

Take the drain bolt with you to an autoparts store and get a washer. Neoprene is too soft and will tear under the bolt. There are two main kinds that are not metal. First is plastic, it's harder than neoprene. THe second is a fiber type. Either will work. Since they are softer than metal, they don't last forever. You have to replace them every 5 or so oil changes.

They do make metal drain plug gaskets with neoprene centers ( oem on american cars ) they work well :thumbsup:

Thanks guys, I have some of the blue plastic drain plug washers but I was wondering about the neoprene. I will try the plastic.

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