Acerbis Handguards with ProTaper Bars

I put ProTapers on my '99 WR400F and wanted to re-install my Acerbis handguards. The bit that goes in the end of the bar appears to come in two flavors: 7/8" aluminum i.e. Renthals and 7/8" stock steel. The former is to big to go inside the ProTapers. So I ordered a "ProTaper kit". When this arrived it is for mounting the end that goes on the bars near the clamp. So I am still left with the bit that goes in the bar-end being to big for the inside diameter of the PropTaper bar. Do I need ream the bar out, or am I missing something? Thanks!

pull off the rubber tube/sleeve thing.

If there were anything rubber around to pull off, I would, but there isn't. Next!

redrocket i sent you a pm. later

take a picture................ :thumbsup:

I have the exact same problem with my 2008 WR. What size bar inserts kit is needed that is small enough to fit in the inside of the bar? Help? Suggestions?

I had the same problems when i fitted the pro taper bars as well.

The gen-yamaha bar end inserts seem to be longer than most aftermarket hand guards.

I had to get a drill bit the same inside id as the bars and drill in a little further until the inserts and guard ends were flush with the bars.

Been aok since.

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