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Just read the Loose Buttons thread

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Thorina...will you marry me? My kinda woman!

You go girl!


For the right price, I'm pretty sure the ol' man would trade me off. :applause:

I'm going to help with the mechanics tips.....but I haven't been doing anything "normal" lately.

I started taking pictures (I took the idea from here :applause: ) and having my son take notes for extra credit in shop class. It started out being a run of the mill brake check on my truck the other day and has exploded from there.

The upside is that I am breaking down today and buying a power bleeder. A tad expensive....but we will use it 'round here.

Any motorcycle stuff I have been doing is either on a vintage bike: dismanling it getting it ready for paint and beating on a stuck piston, a sidecar: berrings and replacing a front brake system and trying to fabricate a bracket to hold radiator guards on it, and trouble shooting my KDX; oh man, I am ready to throw it off a cliff. I prolly would have thrown it off a cliff....but it's too hard to get in the trunk of the caddy. :applause::applause::applause:

I took 2 days off from being dirty this week. Just needed to do clean stuff for a couple days. Today, I will be filthy by lunch time.

I am a girl. It gets to me being dirty for days on end.....I've been on a wrench roll for over a month. I needed to be clean for a couple days.

I will be doing almost an entire new front brake system on my truck today. 2 new calipers, a new rotor, a freshly turned rotor, new brake pads, new wheel berrings on at least one side and flushing and bleeding the entire system and adjusting up the back brakes. The master cylander is on it's last leg.....so that may end up needing replaced, too. I talked to my son's shop teacher and he will get extra credit for doing it with me and taking notes on the whole process. It was cool because I got to show him exactly how a caliper works the other day. I can't get seals for it, so I can't rebuild them.....HAD to buy new calipers which pissed me off to NO end!

In the next couple of weeks I'll be doing the same on the other truck and the caddy.

I'll also be replacing the fork seals on a '74 Husky and replacing the shift shaft seal. Doing an oil change and fabricating the front pipe mount. Also will be replacing the stator on a '04 KX500. If anyone wants pictures and instructions, I'll be glad to do it.

I'll be doing race prep on another 500 this afternoon, but honestly, I'll likely be in a real hurry to get it ready to leave first thing in the morning. That drain bolt is on the verge of stripping out. :thumbsup:

Anyway....gotta run. Because of the suggestion here, I've been having a bunch of fun "bonding" with my son. Seems mom's not that much of an idiot after all. :applause:



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I am a girl.

You ain't a girl, D@mn your a hell of a woman :thumbsup:

Wish I could find one like you


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