XR 650R Oils, Filters, plugs

My question is, which is the best quality brand of oil & filter to use on my new XR650R? In regards to the spark plug, the manual suggests 2 options, standard and extended high speeds. I dual sport my XR, so does anyone have any feedback on which plug seems to work best overall? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:

Hey guys I know this subject is probably been beat to death, but this is my first 4 stroke motorcycle, and I want it to last. I just want to do the best thing most guys agree on with oil and filter selection. Please give me feedback! Thanks!

Have you tried the thread search ,You'll find plenty of info there..

Myself I use Torco full synthetic oil, K& N oil filter, Uni air filter and a NGK Iridium plug...

I use Honda oil filters, Mobil 1 full syn, NGK Iridium plug, Uni Filter, it has allways run cool and never had to add oil between changes, no metal in filter or downtube screen, no clutch issues.

Hi Philips,

Did you get a new bike or just new to you? I picked up my '07 last month after years on 2-strokes. What a sweetheart! A tank on steroids.

Bought a handful of filters from Service Honda, around $4 each. I wanted my oil to be readily available and good quality, so I'll go to AutoZone and use the Valvoline 4 Stroke 10w-40 Motorcycle Oil. The bottle says it's for engines with a Wet Clutch. Rated JASO MA (don't get MB, it has the slippery modifiers in it which your clutch doesn't like). I plan to be religious about changing oil.

After break in, I may go to full synthetic. I think it has been proven to be superior. If you do this, make sure it doesn't have the modifiers ("energy conserving" label).

You are going to get lots of different opinions for that question. Personally, I break in my bikes with Castrol GTX 20-50 then switch to Mobil Gold Cap 15-50 synthetic and always use Honda filters.

Honda stuff for everything whenever possible.

I have used Castrol 20-50 and a Napa reboxed filter made by Emglo. I bought a dozen and have one left (plus used a few from honda). 7k on the bike and no metal in the filter or oil.

The first year I had my pig I rode 70 road/30 dirt. From then I've ridden 70 dirt/30 road and use the same standard plug, changed once because I thought I should. Plug looked/looks great.

Give the pig some clean oil, filters, and grease, and it'll be happy.

Thanks for you imput guys...I know there could be mixed opinions on this subject, but thought I would ask. In Florida, it seems I could run a 20-50 or a 15-50(mobil 1) full syn oil and be good? But the Honda 10-40 HP4 seems like a popular option as well with other previous posts. I may just go with Service Honda and get stocked up with stock filters. But should I change the filter with every oil change?

But should I change the filter with every oil change?

I change it every 2nd oil change.

I'm with Agent2 on the Mobil1 15w50. Really good oil, covers a good range and not too badly priced. Honda oil filter is also what I use.

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