Whiney Front Wheel

I've got a whine coming from my front wheel. If I lift the bike and spin the front wheel, it whines as it slows. A very load, high pitched whine. If I move it slowly, I don't hear it. Also, when the wheel is moving fast I don't hear it. Only when the wheel is slowing down. I don't think it's coming from the brake. Could this be a problem wheel bearing? Is it my brakes? Any ideas?



This is definately the sound of a dry wheel bearing.....Hopefully you have caught it before it has destroyed the bearings themselves. Get a can of waterproof Lithium grease or a good Red Molly and hand pack the bearings until grease comes out both sides. If you catch this in time you should be fine.

As a general rule I repack my bearings atleast once a Quarter or Once a month if I spend alot of time doing stream crossings.

I would also take the time to check the rear wheel bearings and use the same grease in those. If you have never checked your lower link and the swingarm bearings I would strongly urge you to do so.

A complete bearing service will take about 4 hours (Tear Down/Pack/Re-Assemble) but it is easy to do and can save many dollars.

If you need assistance, we are always here...

Good Luck...

Bonzai :)

Good advice on maintaining the bearings and linkage. Another possible cause is the dust seals. Mine has squealed since new. So has a buddy's. A little shot of WD40 makes it go away.

Check out this months Dirt Rider for advice on maintaining bearings. The only thing I would add is that if you need to apply much force to the inner race to remove the bearing, you should replace it. They are easily damaged. The part number should be stamped in the bearing (something like 6202). Go to a place that sells industrial supplies and you should be able to get them for less than $10.00. If you get bearings with rubber seals (2RSR after the part number) you don't need to maintain them and they should last a long time.

Mine was squealing too, so I greased the steering head and and front wheel bearings after about 500 miles. Both were fine, but I feel a lot better knowing they are full of grease. BTW, my front wheel started squealing again. WD-40 sounds like a good idea.

What model are you riding? I have a '01 WR 426. It whines also. It comes from my brakes. Did you find the trouble, yet? My buddies 250 is the same. It may be the stock pads are squeaking, but the binders work great!!!


Thanks for the advice. I'm going to pack the bearings as recommended. I've read the manual, but I've never done this before. How do I actually 'pack' the bearings? Anything else I should do?

Thanks for your help.


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