2006 bar risers with gytr hand guards

Does anybody have bar risers with the gytr hand guards? Or different bars? Since the hand guards mount to the triple clamps you are limited to how high you can raise the bars. It looks like there is about 1 inch you can raise the handlebars if you want to use the hand guards. So if you use bar risers or different bars with the gytr hand guards let me know.

wrooster- I have an 06 450F with Windham bars, 10mm risers, Acerbis Rally Pro's, and the GYTR triple clamp mounts- no issues on mine. I can get pics if you want them. BTW the Rally Pro's took some modification to get them to line up, but it works good and you can't even tell what I did unless you look really close.

Pictures would be good. I may have to duplicate what you have. I need at least 1 inch of rise over the stock bars.

Not a problem, I'll try and get them up tomorrow evening or Monday evening.

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