1994 XR650L...Spark Plug Removal

Silly question for you folks probably, but I am a newbie to the XR's. Previously a DRZ owner. I got a used bike for a great price, and it runs, but has been neglected and needs TLC. I attempted to change the plug but I cant get to it. Is there a special tool to remove the plug????

I did this job just last night for the first time (Picked up my XR 650L 3-months ago)

Use a proper 18 mill spark plug socket on a short exstension with a ratchet. Make sure the socket you buy is a 3/8th drive and not 1/2". Don't overtighten when putting it back in and gap the plug correctly (it's .8mm I think but double check) I find it easier to get at if I pull the tank off (undo one bolt and fuel line, turn petcock to off position and store tank somewhere where the dogs and kids can't dent it)

A deep socket won't work. I messed around with one for 20 minutes before giving up and going and buyiing the correct tool which is what I should of done in the first place.

Good luck

thanks for the reply. I took the whole bike apart to get to the plug like you stated, and played with various 18mm sockets for 20 minutes before facing the facts I needed a special tool. Glad to hear the i DID need a special tool.

The original plug wrench that came with the bike works, so does the one from an XR400 toolkit. MotionPro makes a thinwall long socket, it is a bit pricey @ around $23 but it works great, the TT store has it Here dead-center on the page.

Hey Rich, Happy just mentioned it ,the stock one works better,since you have to turn it with a wrech instead of a ratchet you get more space/clearance to do the job.Try to get one either used or new. :thumbsup:

Thanks for all the help...New to the XR's, Im an old DRZ owner. My XR didnt come with tools, so i will have to scam one from a friend. See ya out there....

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