Steering Stabilizers

I am considering purchasing a Steering Stabilizer

for my 98 WR400. The cost of these can make you think twice (maybe more). Anyone know of any good deals out there on a GPR or Scotts?

GPR all the way talk to dave at DH1 racing. ,I think.

Basically via recommendations from this board I purchased the D1H triple (+3) and the GPR stabilizer for 450.oo via Randy at GPR.

Verdict? Best money I ever spent on a motorcycle part. Why? If ANYTHING (mechanical part not practice) can make you a better rider its a steering stabilizer. period. Obviously my opinion but I suspect you may hear similar reviews on this board. Stabilizer is basically preference but concept and workability is what makes it so great.


Thanks guys. It helps to hear such glowing testimonials when buying a relatively expensive piece of equipment. I think I'll give the GPR a try. I run mostly slower technical stuff (lots of rocks and roots) and I'm sure it would benefit my limited capabilities.

A GPR will definately be my next big bike addition. I've ridden one at the track and one at the desert and both times was just absolutely amazed. I definately don't think you'll regret buying one!!!

Hey Tom14911 Can you please leave your garage door open tonight so I can come and barrow that stabalizer :) I would go barrow my brother inlaws (MICHAEL) he has a Scotts and more weapons then you :D Talk to ya later.

Give me that hydraulic clutch and a few more toys and I will think about it!



A stabilizer is a good safety devise to install on your bike & it will save you more times than you wish to remember. You think they are expensive in the US - try buying one in Australia!! I invested more in my GPR stabilizer, triple clamps & bars for my WR250F than some of my friends have spent on their whole bike!!

At first I was scepticle about their merit although on investigation decided to get one.

A stabilizer is not an investment in the bike, such as a pipe or ignition system, but rather an investment in yourself & your comfort & safety.

Yes they are expensive units although expensive relative to what? Compare a trip to hospital, time off work, social disruptions & that pain thing that you go through!

Like your self, I ride a lot of wooded trails with tree roots & rocky trails with good size loose rocks that are doing thier best to snatch the front wheel out from under you. The stabilizer slows this whole whipping action down substatially giving you the time & opportunity to prevent a bad spill. It also makes riding this sort of terrain smoother & less demanding on the rider.

The good thing is you don't lose the stabilizer when you sell your bike & change up. You just buy a new collar to fit the new bike (relatively inexpensive) & bolt it on to regain all the benefits you had before.

Good luck with it.

Just put a Scott's stabilizer, triple clamp and protapers on. First thing I noticed was how much less fatigue I have in my arms, shoulders and neck. I especially like the stability I get when I'm fatigued and I'm on really rough terrain like miles of whoops. Was it worth $600?? It is now that it's paid for (thanks to Santa).


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I was just experimenting....Sorry. P

I can get you the GPR for $300.00 or the PRO kit including top clamps and your choice of TAG bars for $500.00

Any thoughts on whether or not to get the bolt on or weld on collar? Dave a DH Racing recommends the weld on due to quicker response and rigidity. Is this weldment unsightly? I would weld and then repaint of course, but I was wondering if it might de-value the bike if I decide to sell and use the stabilizer on the next bike. Just wondering, maybe someone would actually like it to be ready for a stabilizer.

Forgot to mention that....but somebody already did it does wonders for your arm pump and head shake.



Thanks for the kind offer. I am currently working with DH Racing on some other "custom parts", which I can get a price break on if I buy the GPR through them. Otherwise I would readily take you up on your offer. Thanks again.

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