the old picture board?

anyone know if we can get them at all now?

the missile would like to see my cheap and tacky £2 hot start on the handlebars.

the delux version is now available-for £2.50!


Ron, I wish I had the computer expierence to be able to link cool things like you do. Maybe when we go riding (soon) you could give me a few pointers. :)

cheers ron but we usde to have a photo section next to the discussion board?

any idea if you can still get it?


Dan... easy.

First go to the page you want to link to and copy the http address.

Make a reply to a thread and scroll the screen down and you will see a bunch of buttons.

URL button allows you to add a link.

Hit the URL button

Paste the http adress you just copied

Click OK

It will then ask you to 'Name' it. This is what appears in blue/purple for people to click. Type in whatever you want.

Hit OK

CLick the "add reply" button

your done.

[ November 28, 2001: Message edited by: The Missile ]

Missle, Thanks man!!!! :)

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