2006 YZ 450 for woods riding/racing

Anybody ride a 06 yz 450 in the tight woods (single track)I ride single track and just this year started racing enduro's.I currently ride an 01 yz 426 really love the power but wouldn't mind some thing lighter.The magic buton would be nice on a Wr but they feel and are heavy compared to a YZ.Please give me your thought.Thanks

I think the 06 YZF 450 makes a tremendous woods bike. I can't respond to racing, but for trails and tight conditions it is great! Way better than my WR (2000 WR 400). Time will tell about reliability though, my WR went over 8000 miles in Michigan single track, never hung up, never missed a ride!!

I went with the IMS 3.2, re sprung for weight (210#)and re valved, new front tire, the 739 is outright dangerous in Michigan, good chain, one tooth bigger in rear (but I should have added two), damper, and bark busters etc...and this bike is so flick able and less fatiguing than my WR was it is like cheating.

I plan on doing something with the seat, and perhaps looking at the air cylinders for the forks as I hear they really make Monday mornings a lot smoother...I have not really needed a flywheel in the tight but you will use first gear and some clutch.

You will also notice the trees become much narrower on the YZ as it is way quicker than the WR's, it doesn't feel it but it is. Very very smooth power. The only thing I have noticed is with a bike this light they tend to deflect...now that I ride accordingly it isn't a big issue, but when I first got the bike I rode over everything, now I pick a much more careful path...watch for pinch flats however. I have had one.

No over heating issues, starts good with hot start, and gets great mileage...I wouldn't hesitate buying another one for trails..

Thanks for your input.Flickable that is what I'm looking for.I geared my 426 down 1 on the front and it seems pretty good (13/49) .I have not rode a 450 yet but just sitting on them and moving them around they feel "YZ" way lighter then the WR.The Wr's still feel top heavy to me. The only issue is I would have to get it plated for enduro's.Would my clarke tank 01 yz 426 work on a 06 Yz.Mike

No complaints about my 06 in the woods yet, but I think a flywheel weight would make it even better- I run stock gearing BTW. You'll have to get a new tank for the 06, your old one won't fit.

Thanks I didn't think it would wishfull thinking.I think there might be a new woods YZ 450 in my future.

The only issue I failed to mention was the pipe options. I rode with the e-series on my WR400 and loved the power but felt I needed to be a little more responsible with regard to noise.

I went with the FMF SX header and the Q2. This bike has so much that you really don't miss it, but it did seem to mellow out the power slightly, off bottom in particular. I noticed the noise does not carry very far through the woods though when others have ridden it, so it probably is close to the Michigan standard. 48/170 combo also.

But for sandy Michigan whoops and tight single track, it is way better than my WR was.

We do a lot of tight woods riding. I did change the gearing. I put 52 rear sprocket on mine and put a 12 countershaft on my sons bike. I prefer the bigger rear sprocket over the 12 countershaft.

We also put on 18" rear rims for better tire selection and better ride. Both bikes have bark busters to protect our hands.

We put custom foam under the seat covers just behind the middle of the seat to keep my son from sliding back in tight up hills. When the bike grabs traction it is a bit of a handful to hang on when going up in the trees.

We stayed with the stock tank. We found we can go about 35 to 40 miles on a stock tank. In the tight stuff we very seldom ever hit full throttle.

Jetting changes Pilot jet #48

Needle stock setting

Main jet #172

install the Zip Ty fuel mixture much easier to adjust on the trail.

Scotts streering damper both bikes

large tanks are on order. We plan on doing some long rides over the winter.

good luck! :thumbsup:

I had a WR400F before my '06 YZ450 and there's no comparison... in any condition. I did put a Rekluse in my 450, it makes the really tight and steep stuff a whole lot more fun, and faster.

you may want to hold off for a little bit because I saw somewhere the wr's are getting the aluminum frame for 07 so they might have made it less top heavy and better in all aspects I would wait and look at one before you buy a YZ unless you just really want a YZ like I did then go ahead

just FYI

I did look at the 07 wr there still like almost 30 pounds heavier.Thats a lot of extra weight to haul around.I like the 4 stroke power but want 2 stroke lite wieght and flickable ride.

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