Dirt Rider: 07 450 Test, way too brief

what is up with the mags this year? I find twmx did the same thing with their reviews on the ktm and the rmz250, they are really holding back on "the good stuff". I guess we have to wait and actually buy the magz this year, last year the reviews online were atleast a good hint of what the bike was like, now its just a teaser.

If you are reffering to the CRF450 article, I think it was just a "initial impression", not a full-blown test. Besides, they have to give you a reason to keep buying the magazine... :thumbsup:

no, i'm referring to the 2007 YZ450 first impression, right there on the main page

no, i'm referring to the 2007 YZ450 first impression, right there on the main page

"Look for a more in-depth pounding of the bike in Dirt Rider, and a shootout to come soon!"

I was happy I got an '06 when I heard they lengthened the shock on the '07's to raise the backend. The seat height of my '06 is high enough, I don't need it higher still.

I was even happier when I read this...

A more aggressive cam is in place as well, and it makes the bike very lively from 1/3rd throttle on up, but the engine is much smoother below a third. It is also reluctant to pull a tall gear when there is traction. If you actually use the five-speed you will like this motor. If you want to do the whole track in one or two gears, you may lament the passing of the ’06-spec engine.

Coming off an '03 the stock '06 low end was soft enough already for me. The best part of the big bores is having tons of power EVERYWHERE, not just on top. It looks like my '06 will keep me happy at least until they get the EFI figured out in a few years. :thumbsup:

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