2006 Oil Level!!!

I just pulled the dip stick out on my 06 and the oil only showed on the tip of the dipstick! The bike has not be ran in a week! I changed the oil about a month ago, but have only rode it for about 3 hours since. There is no leak whatsoever on this bike! The last oil/filter change I added a little bit over a quart of yamalube and followed the manual on how to change it. What is the deal here? The bike runs like a champ and does not smoke at all. Could the oil be up in the tank or head?


Start the bike, run it for 30 seconds turn it off and check the oil again, I bet its full.

Yeah, I just did that and it shows full now. I also checked the oil pressure and it is fine. What is the deal? Why did it do that?


cause where the dip stick is, is not where the majority of the oil is stored while the bike is at rest. on my 06 i thought the same thing when i checked it after i picked it up from the dealer. then i actually read my owners manual. good stuff in there.

The oil is stored in a tank in the back of the cases. It is a dry sump motor meaning the crank does not spin in oil. It is sprayed into the hot areas exactly where it is needed. When the motor is off, it collects back in the tank.

Like Jamiehughes says, read the manual. It states all of this information inside.

Be very careful to not overfill the oil based on finding it low when you check it without running it first.

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