Fork oil question

I have had my front forks revalved, springed and seals replaced and one still leaks. I took it back and again it leaks after a few rides. I know I need to take it in for a permanent fix but for now I am going on a long ride in baja this weekend and was hoping someone could explain how to "top up" the fork oil. Is it hard? What measurements do I need to do and what shouldnt I do. Thnaks in advance guys. :thumbsup:

When you fill the forks with oil (5wt is stock), make sure you don't put any down the

middle of the cartridge, where that hollow rod goes. And that hollow rod needs to be

seated correctly. Wiggle it around until it drops to almost flush with the top of the


The way I fill them is I fill the compressed fork with oil up to the top of the inner

tube. I pump the rod right away a couple of strokes and then top off the oil. Then I

continue to pump it until it's smooth all the way through it's stroke. Then I raise the

outer fork tube to dump any oil that may be between the fork tubes back into the lower

tube and then set the oil height at 120-130mm for the 48's. Repeat raising the tube and

checking height until the level stabilizes. :thumbsup:

As always, thanks indy!! :thumbsup:

You may have a reoccuring fork seal problem due to a nick or ding in the lower fork slider. A good suspension shop will polish the sliders during a revalve. For now remove the plastic guard and fully extend the fork carfully inspect the slider for dings if you see one remove the offending high spot with fine emory cloth. clean off all emory residue before reassembly. (try not to scratch the hell out of the fork during this procedure) Just remove the high spot. Good luck and Have a Tecate for me.

GCannon, thanks for the advice. I checked that about a month ago and no dings or scratches thanks god. That happen to a buddy so it was the first thing I thought of but good advice. Ill have one for ya!!! :thumbsup:

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