dr.d header

anyone using the drd exhaust on their 06 yz 450 .. i know there good but my friend just put one on his crf and that header is uuugggllly.... anyone got pics of the yamaha version please post

how about that new screamin eagle system for the new 450....it comes out under your swingarm...i dont think anyone will ever learn that function comes over fashion

I had one on my bike. It performed well. I opted out for the FMF Carbon Factory 4.1, just for looks. I cant come close to handleing the power the bike had stock. My bro has the DR. D now, I am riding with him tomorrow, I will try to snap a pic or two.

thanks i am considering getting the drd but that head pipe on my friends crf is so low it just looks like it's begging to get crushed...... anyway if you could snap a shot of i would appreciate thanks ......... have a good ride

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