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Help with E CDI on S???

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Hello, Everyone

I’m having some problems with the E CDI on my S and was hope for some help, please.

I have done the 3X3, DJ kit, Yoshi pipe, and the DRZ runs great.

So I buy a used E CDI the numbers on it are MGT028 F8T36972 2821 (Mitsubishi).

After I installed it and started the bike up I noticed right away that it was idling faster than normal.

Some problems are, it seems like it's running hotter and I've noticed the exhaust header has started to turn purple and sometimes it’s hard to start without giving the bike some throttle. It's like a carburetor problem but I did’t have any problems before the install of the E CDI.

I have put the S CDI back on to see what would happen and have been riding it for the past 3 days with out a problem. I’m not really sure how important the color of the header is but it looks like the purples starting to fade back to gold.

I have the stock Mikuni carburetor and was wondering if the faster idle when I first installed the E CDI might have something to do with the TPS or does the E CDI advance the timing?

Any ideas on all of this?

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I assume you are cutting and reconnecting the green wire to the sidestand interlock as you swap between the E and S CDI boxes or the bike would not run at all. Other than that, I have no idea. There are plenty of examples of the CDI control boxs being interchanged with no problems and the TPS being left unconnected.

The E box has a higher rev limiter but with stock S cams, there is no point to using any more revs.

Heat tint on a polished surface is relative the the temperature and consequent thickness of the oxide layer. Once it gets dark, it does not fade until it is repolished.

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