06 WR450 fuel?

Just got my WR450 and

Reading the book it states 95 octain or higher

where we live 3500' amsl or around 5500' density alt. the highest pump gas here is 90-91 octain.

Now I can get VP fuel and have some 110 for the race truck but I think it is leaded.

What does everyone else do for fuel?

where i live we can get 94...

But what i have read (by my understanding). most put in what ever is available at highest octane.

do a search, lots of threads done on it.

peace to the middle east


Pump 90- 91 is fine for your bike. They changed the rating and it works out to 94 -95 on the old rating from what I have heard.

it's a very compicated explaination, but the bottom line is 91 pump is fine. Auto pump octane is determined using a different formula, and 91 pump is = or better to 92 "race" or whatever.

go with pump, you'll be fine.

Thanks for the reply's

Just had me a little concerned is all.

BTW I love my new WR450. :thumbsup:

This article explains it all...SC

This article explains it all...SC

Thanks for the article! Should be required reading for all :thumbsup::ride::applause:

BTW I love my new WR450. :thumbsup:

yup - we all do !! :ride::applause:

:thumbsup: Great Article!!! I was somewhat concerned about this as well. However here in Canada on the east coast, the highest octane we have at our pumps is 90. Can't explain that on, since 1 hour up the road, on the other side of the border, the Americans say it is 91, long behold, it comes from the same refinery, which is in my backyard. Try to explain that one to me.

Thanks again for the article


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