Oberg sports story

Hi Guys, I thought I would give you a heads up on my difficulties with this company. As some of you know I got a new bike a couple months ago(Sorry about the brand!!), and have noticed that Kawasaki triple clamps SUCK!! I was in the market for a new top clamp, and saw the ads and review for the oberg clamp. I really liked the adjustability of this clamp, so I decided to bite the bullet, and buy one.

I called the number on their website, that was answered by what seemed to be a receptionist. She was definitely having a bad day by her tone on the phone. I was put on hold for about 5 minutes. She then got on the phone again, and said she had to transfer me to their distributor. I sat on hold again, until the phone was picked up by a gentleman on the "order line" at a different business. ( Sorry I didn't catch their name). I told him I wanted to order the triple clamp, and the optional tall bar risers. I was told by him that I couldn't order the parts that way. I would have to order the clamp with the standard rise bar clamp, and order ANOTHER set of risers seperately. I asked if I could special order the clamp the way I wanted." No, you cant" was the reply. I asked what the total price was for the items, and was given a 40 dollar higher price than the website, and they didn't have anything in stock.I said OK thanks, and before I could hang up, this guy slams the phone in my ear.

I was kind of pissed, because I was really looking forward the new clamp.I waited a couple of days to cool down, and then wrote a letter to oberg sports.I told them that I wanted to buy the parts direct, because of the problems I had. About a week later I get a response. NOW GET THIS!! the customer service rep told me to go to my local dealer, and have them become a distributor, and I could order the parts form them instead!! Is that cheesy or what?? I decided to get a DIFFERENT BRAND, and let everybody I know in on the fact that Oberg sports are a bunch of jerks. They want a premium for their parts, but their service sucks!! Yeah, I want to go to my local dealer and ask them to be a distributor for this company.Give me a break!! Just thought you guys should know before you give them your hard earned cash!!

Take care!!


Thanks Dave. You rotten no good back stabbing pond scum sucking slime turn coat traitor! Hummm....Kawi huh, my son rides one of those. Nice bike! :)

C'mon Dude(Dave),

Like...your not gonna buy it for the name?

I like...just don't get your ...thought process...Dude!




See what happens when you go with a bike with a not so cool name? Should've stayed with the tuning fork company!

Besides, who wants customer service these days? No wonder Ricky left Kawi........

C'mon Dave, I'm sure there's a Yammie dealer near you!

Dave, I have also called Oberg and found similar poor customer service. :) I'm not that impressed with that triple clamp anyway. You would be better off with Applied.

Just to let you guys know,that FMF has a triple clamp blowout going on, I got a top clamp for 69.00 plus shipping, just go to their website, and order online. By the way, If I paint my Kawi blue, will you guys let me hangout???


Dave, hang out anytime. :)

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