2007 wr450f specs

hey all, was reading up on the 07's and someone here said that the oil capacity had lost 100ml from the standard 1.2 or 1.25l for the new bikes? Where are you all finding this info at? From what I gather the engine and design are basically 06 yz specs and those bikes still have the 1.2l oil capacity so what gives? I was wondering because im going to dual sport this bike and am wondering now whether or not to get an 06 instead of waiting for the dead sexy 07's if the oil capacity is actually decreased. If anyone can actually show me the 07 capacities that would be awesome...thanks

The Oil/Filter change went from 1.1 to 1.0 liters. However the total remained at 1.27 liters. Perhaps they're keeping more in the sump :thumbsup: ...SC

So in all reality would there be any difference between dual sporting the two as far as the oil capacity is concerned?...

Who knows since the '07 isn't even available yet. Considering the bike was basically redesigned top to bottom, there will likely be new issues on the new model. Availability and fitment of aftermarket parts are an immediate concern. Then there are the gremlins that will inevitably crop up. Oil capacity and how effective it is in the new design will have to be a "wait and see" kind of thing. Personally, I would never even consider dual sporting a WR or similar bike as I don't think they were designed to run at constant/high rpm's. Just my opinion...SC

well, i use the term dual sport loosely, it will be an around town only bike and end up in sm trim, i will never use it on the highway or at constant rpm's, and i am totally up to speed with the frequent oil changes and often valve checks. the aftermarket will follow soon, not worried about that at all...Yes they redisgned the wr from top to bottom, but am i totally wrong in thinking it is just basically the 06 yz mill in wr form? The yz's have proven themselves quite well...i don't know what to do yet i want an sm so bad but the drz's don't do it for me and everything else seems too big or too exotic, as in there are no dealers near me anywhere...? oh well ill figure it out

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