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another track closure

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On August 25th we received a letter from the Town of Pelham claiming that complaints have been received regarding activities on Henry Bieda's property.

Despite Bieda's own decision to terminate such permitted uses as snowmobile grass drag racing two years ago and go kart racing at least 7 years ago which have resulted in an overall substantial net reduction in noise levels and impact on the community, the Town of Pelham was forced to respond to complaints from individuals with polictical agendas by prohibiting the riding of motorcycles at 952 Foss Road effective immediately.

We at Bieda's Powersports sincerely regret to inform you of the ceasation of motorcross track practice operations as of today however we do aim to fight this matter. In the coming days and weeks we will be forming a strategy on how to best handle this unfortunate situation. Most definitely, we will need your support to get the track one day re-opened so if you can draft a support letter and send it to us at your earliest convenience the entire motocross community would greatly appreciate your efforts.


Henry & Stephen Bieda


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Heres what I have, if you want to use it just change it so that its not so obvious that 2 people are using the same letter.

Dear town of Pelham,

I understand that you have shut down a motocross facility that goes by the name of Bieda’s Powersports. As a motocross rider and enthusiast myself I feel that what you have done is what is greatly destroying the motocross community.

I understand that the noise levels may have been to the point where there was a development of complaints from local neighbours, but I know that Bieda’s would offer anything they could do to keep the noise levels down. He already has his track at the very back of his property, with forestry surrounding the back and side portion of the track, acting as noise barriers. And I’m positive that further actions can easily be done to significantly reduce the noise levels even more.

For example, at another track there is a system that they use for noise barriers, they have man made mounds of dirt surrounding the entire track to greatly reduce sound levels. And also, the owner of the track could enforce a rule about the exhaust systems on the motorcycles, making a rule that the sound must be under 96dbs, which is a very reasonable volume.

I hope that you take this letter into consideration, as I will do everything that I can to get this motocross track back up and running with new regulations, to make everyone happy. After all, in the town of Pelham, don’t we try to suit needs to be best fit for everyone?


Myles Drake

and Ill make it even easier for you. Go to your account at




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