intake filter and filter oil problems

hey gang, i just got back from the oregon sand dunes, what a wild time that was! can't wait to do it again,

while i was cleaning up the 06 wr450 i pulled the filter off, it was suprisingly not too bad, i was checking to see if it had been pulling any sand through, when i looked at the gasket surface i almost threw up! a small section had let sand through, it was on top at the opposite end of the access panel, about a 1/8 " trail of sand making it all the way through,&%$#@!? i thought that there would have been enough pressure from the holder thinggy to seal it up good,

it was a twin air filter with no-toil oil , the crappy part is with that stuff is they don't recomend grease on the gasket surface, due to the no-toil water based soap for cleaning,

anyone else expirence problems with this new filter mount system that yammie is using?

i wonder how soon my jug is going to let me know how much sand got in there? :thumbsup:

anyone looking for a 06 wr 450? lol

There's nothing new about the filter mounting system, at least not since 1997 or so. I've had no such trouble with Maxima FFT, and I don't grease the flange.

Hmm think I'll go and check mine carefully before next ride but I haven't had any problems so far..

Mine has always been clean. But I will be making special notice of it after riding now. :thumbsup: I ride in sand also..

oops :ride:

i am such a newbie i posted in the wrong thread,

i didn't notice yz wr,s had there own forums,

anyways the problem i think the wr's have is the new system they use,

my buddy just bought a yz the same time i bought the geezer model, my access to the filter is on the side, not under the seat, my filter is held in with a rod that pulls across the center of the filter applying even pressure to the filter basket, works for the most part just fine,

but the thing we learnded last night after looking at it was the basket can accually move just slightly from top to bottom due to the strap coming accross the center about half way up the filter, with a constant supply of sand coming in from the top of the air box it just sits up there and waits,

it waits until you sack up on a 4TH gear roller and a camera, :thumbsup:

as soon as you land a yard sale! the sand starts packing in tighter and tighter

with every bump working its way in one grain at a time as the basket moves ever so slightly, my buddies yz was fine because the wing nut was put on tight enough,

i think i am going to take my new found discovery,(from Discovery Point OR, how ironic) into the dealer on monday and wine, :applause:

i wont show him the air i was gettin' with the big cruiser thou LMFAO

i ordered a yzf twinair powerflow kit (one with billet air filter cage) by acident instead of a wrf kit


im happy i did now becuz i had to convert my airbox to a nut and bolt as seen on yz(f)s

seals super good :thumbsup:

similar to wat nc done here

perhaps its the mod your looking for

Call me old fashioned, but I still use Bel-Ray filter oil and grease the mating surface of the filter to insure a good seal. Yeah, it is a slimy mess to service the filter, but it works.

:ride: Grease around the mating surface of the filter provides an extra bit of seal and it also helps keep the filter stick in place. And the main thing is that it's keeps you rid'n rather that wrench'n. :thumbsup:



Sorry to hear about your 450F ingesting some Oregon sand. I also use No-Toil on my air filters and use the No-Toil grease to seal my air filter. I know a lot of guys don't use rim grease, I figure the grease just adds a little better seal around the rim of the air filter.

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