Hot cam stage 1 "L" sprocket alignment

I have a 2000 XR650L, I am having a little problem putting my sprocket back on the cam.

There are 2 bolt holes on the sprocket, I could flip this sprocket 180 degrees and it would still bolt in. Do the cam lobes have to be down and then bolt the sprocket to the cam with the tick marks facing up?


Derik Harris

Bike Specs: 01 650L 10.5 compression 102mm JE piston, Stage 1 Hot cam, Daves carb mods with 160/58

After thinking about it for a while I think the only way it can go in is with the cam lobes facing downward with the Sprocket and engine at TDC.

I finally started it up, bam right away ran great until I got it out in the open then it started pinging at full throttle, so I guess the timing must be advanced too far. Now it is hard to start. Must be the timing.

How much tension should the T-chain tensioner be putting on the chain, I am thinking that it might have jumped time because there wasn't enough tension on the chain.


Derik Harris

Your jetting is pretty standard for a STOCK motor. With your high comp big bore and cam, you really need richer jetting. I would start with a minimum 165 main jet, maybe up to 170 depending on your exhaust. Also, I would replace the Dave's Mods .030" washer under the needle with a .050"+ washer. Pinging is a sign of being lean.

I just checked the timing AGAIN, it is DEAD on. I must be running lean. I have stock exhaust. I shimmed the needle with a washer that was a little over .030", I am going to try the 165 jet since I have it.

After a little tinkering the thing start RIGHT up, it perfect.

Thanks for the reply.

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