2000 426 case cover gasket issue...

I pulled the right side case cover off of my bike to replace the gasket as the bike has been leaking oil were the case cover bolts to the case. Do any of you guys recommend using any additional sealant in this area along with a new OEM gasket? Can I clean the old gasket residue off with brake parts cleaner? Also what type of adhesive should I use to secure a helicoil I installed in the drain bolt hole for the oil filter? Thanks.

Brake cleaner probably won't take the gasket off, but careful scraping will. Usually don't need a sealer, but if you decide you must, use a thin coat of #3 Permatex, or similar. Heli Coils require no retention by adhesives if installed correctly.

Thanks! For some reason the helicoil I installed last year never allowed me to tighten up the bolt enough so I still have a slow leak. I'll check to see what's going on with it.

I usually loctite the heli coils in there. As for the gasket, you shouldn't need any silicone..... the oem gaskets are really good.

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