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Finally !!!!!

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Man after a week of riding my my very valiant steed my bike bike started to disagree with me. It started to make a very bad pinging noise from the top end and the right side of the engine by the clutch. so after that ride we were done riding for that week, thank god i would have been really bored. So now 4 weeks later i have torn it apart and found the problem. the bolt and plate that holds the cam chain guide in place came loode and went through some sprokets so we fixed that and then put it back together and filled it with liquids and then started her up Sh********t it still makes the noise. so then we tore into the top end! WOW! my valves were just about to drop so we replaced them and the exahust valve just to make sure. and so far we are now waiting for the piston rings becuase we looked to make sure that it was still okey dokey so we are getting to light at the end of the tunnel just wanted to inform all of you so good luck riding your bikes i will post pic's when it is finished.

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