Bloody Turn Signals

Hi folks, hoping someone not electrically challenged likemyself can help me out.

The turnsignals on my XR 650L died the other day. Fuses are okay. Connections are okay. Tried a different flasher; still no luck. How do I check the handlebar switch? My manual is pretty vague. Could it be the relay and how do I check that? :ride::thumbsup:


On my XR650, the wires from the handlebar swith are 3 pairs (I stripped it today to check for my own purposes) as follows: 1) Orange, orange/white 2) Blue, blue/white 3) Grey, grey/white. 1) & 2) are the indicators (2 wires each as I think one runs to the front, the other the back) 3) goes to the flasher, plus a black wire. You should get continuity between 3) and one of the other pairs depending on which way you push the switch. At least, I think that's how it works...

Here's my problem, if anyone can advise:

My XR650R didn't have a flasher unit or signals, so I bought a generic Honda m/c flasher (reputed to solve LED flash rate probs, so I assume it's electronic, not thermal) and the bonus was it had the right 3 pin socket. I'm tryingto run LEDs front and std bulbs rear. I assume it had indicators once as there is a turn switch and the harness appears to be wired for indicators.

However, whilst the new flasher plugs in, it has 2 leads and the connector on the existing wiring harness has 3 wires (black, grey and grey/white). The back indicators now work fine but the front won't light a std indicator but will light an LED (flash rate is a bit weird too). Also the headlamp flashes in time with the indicators.

The indicator switch has 2 sets of wires on each of the 3 contacts: orange, orange/white; blue, blue/white and grey, grey white. The latter two go to the 3 pin connector that fits the flasher unit, the other two sets being the indicators. The connector from the wiring harness also has a black lead. I assume that the orange/white and blue/white are the rear and the plain ones the front indicators.

I'm wondering if the flasher needs 3 leads to get the front indicators to work properly? What's with the headlamp indicating too?

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